Star Wars Events

Star Wars Bounce House

There's room for both Heroes of the Rebellion and subjects of the Empire in this 16'6"Lx15Wx14'H Star Wars themed jump. 

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Inflatable Experience

Hop aboard this massive interactive inflatable and take a hyperspace jump into the world of imagination. Chewbacca, R2D2 and C3PO can be spotted as passengers traverse obstacles and a slide, explore the cockpit, check out the laser turret and a holo-map of the Death Star as TIE fighters engage a Star Destroyer outside the ceiling hatch! A space of 45'x40'x18 is required.

Star Wars Obstacle Course

Straddled by an Imperial AT-AT, this versatile unit is available as a 50' obstacle course with exit slide or as the individual 25' sections.